Hi! I’m Vlad GURDIGA. 👋🙂

It’s good to have you here. Here I’m writing mostly on thechical subjects, like UNIXy stuff, vim, and GNU make, but I also touch on productivity and personal development.

Testing location change in JS

Every now and then I come across a scenario where I need to unit-test some code that navigates across pages by directly changing location. Some time ago I have accidentally stumbled upon a solution: the location.assign() function.

Expressive JS: askToConfirm

The other day at my day job I needed to change some buttons to ask for confirmation before executing the actual action.

Wheel re-inventing: executeInParallel

At my day job we often need to write low-level JS code without any framework or library handy, and we often end up re-inventing some of the wheels. executeInParallel is one of those wheels:

A reality check

I have a friend. He was a lawyer, but a few months ago he realized he doesn’t enjoy it, and decided to change countries and profession: he moved, and now makes wooden toys. He said he wants to try to sell his toys online and asked for advice on how to do that on the cheap.

Vim macro of the week

The other day I was putting together an ad-hock eslint configuration where I had just one JS file for a prototype page. I was inside a git repo and I didn’t want to have additional files, so I kind of resisted the idea to have a .eslintrc file, but I can have a Makefile — I have that in my ~/.gitignore, so I can easily add one here and have all the messy bits hidden inside it:

The indexOf problem

I have recently read this article “Don’t Make Me Remember Things” where the author complains about string’s indexOf method having less-than-ideal API. Specifically, about the case when the sought substring is not found: indexOf usually returns a nonsense value like null or -1, and the developer has to remember that, which leads to bugs.

Choice is a search

From time to time I stumble upon yet another article mentioning that humans are just bad at choices. I think accepting it as a truth is detrimental, and I’d like to disprove it.