The other day at my day job I needed to change some buttons to ask for confirmation before executing the actual action.

This was in the context of some Marionette view that looked like this:

return Marionette.ItemView.extend({
    template: template,

    ui: {
        duplicate: '#js-duplicate'

    events: {
        'click @ui.duplicate': duplicateThatThing



Looking at this I though: it’d be neat to be able to say something like:

'click @ui.duplicate': askToConfirm(duplicateThatThing, confirmationMessage)

Yeah, it would. 8-) So I have set out to write askToConfirm. I actually ended up packing it into its own widget — ConfirmationDialogView — but the original idea remained intact: I can now take any event handler and put a nice confirmation dialog before it. So given something like this:

'click': handler

I only need to make it like this:

'click': ConfirmationDialogView.askToConfirm(handler, confirmationMessage)

The source file is about 130 lines, and it’s not that interesting to post here, but I liked it so much that I thought I’d write to brag about how expressive code can be in JavaScript. :)