Hi! I’m Vlad GURDIGA. 👋🙂

It’s good to have you here. Here I’m writing mostly on thechical subjects, like UNIXy stuff, vim, and GNU make, but I also touch on productivity and personal development.

My Git trail map

In my last article I said that I have started a little study by following thoughtbot’s trail maps. After Heroku, I’ve picked Git, and today I will write about the things I’ve learned from it.

Trail maps

I don’t have a CS degree, and most of what I know I’ve learned along the way because I found it interesting or because I needed to solve a problem. It worked pretty well so far, but sometimes I feel like I need a bit of structure around it, usually when I’m trying to make sense of a bigger picture.

Input for vim abbrevs

I got into React.js lately, and one thing that I have noticed right away is the boilerplate that I have to type for every component. For example, if I have a Button component, I have to type this:

My today’s view on code

This morning I have finished watching a course on Frontend Masters. It’s called “Hardcore Functional Programming in JavaScript.” Functional programming (FP) is interesting to me. It’s partly because I hear people speaking very passionately about it. It’s like an exotic thing that I don’t completely understand, but I’m curious to find out what it is.

FP vs. OOP: input

I often think about how Functional Programming (FP) compares to Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

My intentful writing

I have recently shared a link to the one of the recent episodes of “Late Nights with Trav and Los” podcast: “Why You Should Be A Publisher.” I’m mentioning this because I find writing is a very interesting subject in how it affects how I understand things, and how I see and understand myself.

Me is back to work

This my first day back to my day-job at Assembla. My plan is to find an hour every day to work on my project.

My own hackathon: day 14

This is the last day of this sprint. I’m far from an MVP, but I have scratched the surface of what’s possible and this gives me some more visibility for the next steps.