This my first day back to my day-job at Assembla. My plan is to find an hour every day to work on my project.

I did this today. After I finished my Assembla tasks for the day, I switched and got some meaningful work done. But I feel a bit tired; it may be because it’s my first day after 2 weeks, and it was a bit of effort to get up to speed after two weeks.

I’m going full-TDD now and gradually throw away the old components as I implement new ones. As I said, it’s a long way to go and I don’t want my confidence to decrease while growing the app. I like it how it goes so far and I’m hopeful.

There is one thing that I’d like to mention regarding my today’s last commit, here is the message:

Even if I’ve removed the label-related CSS from TextField and
SelectField I’m not deleting the tests that verify them because I don’t
want to depend on the implementation detail, which now it’s

The idea is that just before this I have implemented a new FieldLabel for the common parts that I found in TextField and SelectField. And now, although I was using this new FieldLabel component instead of hardcoded markup, I still kept the markup and CSS-related tests for those componentns intact.

I did this because I want to make sure that no matter how they are implemented, I still want to verify that they have the appropriate markup and CSS. Extracting FieldLabel is just an implementation detail that test should not be concerned with. It sounds like a good idea, will see how it plays out long-term. :)