Hi! I’m Vlad GURDIGA. 👋🙂

It’s good to have you here. Here I’m writing mostly on thechical subjects, like UNIXy stuff, vim, and GNU make, but I also touch on productivity and personal development.

Timing out JS promises

When wrapping an API client I found myself wanting to set a timeout for promise-based methods. I first used setTimeout to reject the deferred promise after a given amount of time, like this:

Keeping secrets in a node app

For some time I was looking for a way to safely store my app secrets like API keys. Environment variables are OK, they work, but I found it cumbersome. I had a Heroku project where this worked with a .env file that looked like this:

Fake chain pattern

I have recently read “Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns” and since the idea of pattern is fresh in my mind, I want to share a function naming trick that I use many times.

Small is productive

Last Friday, on my way home, I was wondering why did spend that long hours every day of the week. And the week before? I was getting work done, but somehow I was not seeing my work as good as a couple of weeks ago. I found myself counting 11–12 hours between when I left home and when I came back.

Enjoy the stability

It’ll take some time for the peace and comfort to become stability. I think it’s OK to lean on it for a while and enjoy its comfort. Even if it may feel like a plateau sometimes, that is fine: that stability is the very thing that will let your innate curiosity overcome the fears accumulated along the time and drive you towards exploration. The exploration in turn, will help you find what makes you happy.

Make peace

It’s innate for any human being to try to understand how things work. I will share my reasoning on why my life is as good as it is. I plan to split my findings into short posts and knit them along the way.

Make it fun

For many years I’m fond of productivity and its inner workings and I have one trick that works particularly well, described by my status in messengers:

One reason to write

As I mentioned in my previous article, I just finished reading the book “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser. I want to clarify a bit why am I so excited about the subject of writing.

On the book “On writing well”

I just finished reading “On Writing Well” by William Zinsser. I enjoyed most of it. I’ve skipped the chapter on sports writing because sports is not a subject I find particularly interesting (but I’m reading it now). I feel a bit disoriented now: I’ve read a lot of good advice from a such master, and I can’t say that I know the precise next steps to improve my writing. I think I should have took notes.