Hi! I’m Vlad GURDIGA. 👋🙂

It’s good to have you here. Here I’m writing mostly on thechical subjects, like UNIXy stuff, vim, and GNU make, but I also touch on productivity and personal development.

Make tests less repetitive

On my side project, I strive to have as good of a unit-test coverage as I can. Because I define the input and every outputs of a scenario handler, there can be a lot of execution paths to unit-test, and so it can get pretty tedious to cover all of them. This is why I’m employing a technique that resembles data-driven testing.

Checking Tailwind CSS

One of the things on my side project that I felt iffy for some time is the UI toolkit. I have gathered notes, links, fonts, but I have held back from actually trying anything so far. I wanted to first have a robust setup that would allow me to add functionality, frontend and backend. Having that more or less in place, the goal that I had set for this sprint was to look for a UI toolkit. I have recently heard about Tailwind CSS on “The Art of Product” podcast and I made a note to take a look at it.

Online presence for $5 a month

A few months ago a friend asked for help with the degrading quality of their web host. At that time they had an old all-in-one service that was hosting their static website that they edited by hand, DNS, and email. I have done that a couple more times for the domains that I owned and for my other people, and I offered my “solution”:

Speeding up my TypeScript build

I was cleaning up my NPM modules on my side project. Since almost from the beginning, I have had 2 “child” package.json files, one for the backend and one for the frontend, and the “main” one in the project root.

Transactional tests with Mocha.js

This week, while working on the email change scenario on my side project, I realized that my tests are not transactional, which meant that their changes to the DB could persist across test runs and so tests could influence each other. Hm… I thought I fixed this before.