Last week I helped a friend move their blog subscribers from FeedBurner to

The experience I had during this migration was notably smooth, and this was not because of the well-made tech, but due to the very helpful support person.

My friend mentioned because FeedBurner is being sunset, and they had 5 active blogs that they wanted to move. It was Saturday morning and I wrote their support because of a technical issue I faced when trying it out. Blogger doesn’t allow me to add a custom meta tab, not it allows me to upload a random HTML file — and these were the two ways to confirm blog ownership in

The support person answered in 8 minutes. They confirmed the change manually, and asked me to send them the CSV subscriber list exported from FeedBurner, and also a screenshot of the FeedBurner dashboard — I’m guessing this is for them to make sure that I’m not doing some kind of social engineering trick.

This was just plain old WOW!

Now I’m thinking about trying their service on this blog. 🤔