I have a couple of Jekyll-based websites, and my make start looks something like this:

	bundle exec jekyll serve

This works. I run it in another terminal tab, and ^C it when I’m done. The other day though, I thought it’d be nice if make start would run in the background and then say make stop when I’m done. Here is what came out. 🤓

Yeah, I know about jekyll serve --detach, but I wondered if there was a nicer more generally-usable way to get something launched in the background, capture its STDOUT and STDERR into a log file, and then be able to stop it when I’m done.

Technically speaking, this does the job:

	jekyll serve &> $(SERVER_LOG_FILE) & disown; echo $$! > $(SERVER_PID_FILE)

Let me explain, bit-by-bit:

  • &> $(SERVER_LOG_FILE) — redirects both STDERR and STDOUT to the given log file;
  • & disown — are actually 2 pieces: & tells the shell to run the command in the background, and disown makes it not show up in the job list, and also it will not get SIGHUP if the terminal closes;
  • echo $$! > $(SERVER_PID_FILE) — saves the PID to a file for make stop to use.

If the PID file already exists, this probably means that the server is already running, and I should’t try to run it again, so I add this check:

	@test -e $(SERVER_PID_FILE) \
		&& echo "$(SERVER_PID_FILE) already exists. The server is probably already running." && exit 1 \
		|| echo "Starting the server..."
	jekyll serve &> $(SERVER_LOG_FILE) & disown; echo $$! > $(SERVER_PID_FILE)

Then make stop is just this:

	kill `cat $(SERVER_PID_FILE)`

I’ve added $(SERVER_PID_FILE) as a dependency here because there is no point in trying to do this if there is no PID file. This works, but the built-in error message that makes throws when there is no PID file, is not very nice:

make: *** No rule to make target `.tmp/server.pid', needed by `stop'.  Stop.

So, to make this nicer, I’ve added this:

	@echo "No $(SERVER_PID_FILE) file. The server is probably not running." && exit 1

…which gives me this:

No .tmp/server.pid file. The server is probably not running.
make: *** [.tmp/server.pid] Error 1

Neat! 🤓