I usually keep my project notes in Workflowy¹ and today I found a new handy thing I can do within it: ramble.

Workflowy screenshot

I have started working on a new little side project for a friend: a basket widget. Most of the times I have a hard time starting. I have basic questions like: Where do I begin? What do I do first? Do I pick a library?

I found that writing them down is the first step to get them answered, so I added a new item in my workflowy: rambling. I zoom into it and type the question, and then try to brain-dump as much as possible of what I have in mind about that question.

Here is the one from an hour ago. I realized I keep going back and forth about a little question: Should I expose a global or no?

Workflowy screenshot

OK, I now know I have a decision about it, and I can take it off my mind.

I remember cases where at some point in some project I wonder why did I decide to do something that particular way and now I’m wondering if I should archive these ramblings just in case. I think I will. I can always delete them later.

¹ I have actually tried to keep notes in the README, just to have as much as possible of the process exposed, but it didn’t work out that smooth and I gave up.