In the last post on Travis Neilson’s mailing list, he’s sharing his thoughts about motivation and proposes some solutions.

I am fond of subjects like this and typed in a quick answer. He seems to have liked it, so I thought I would share it here too, just in case anyone finds it useful.

My perspective

My motivation to achieve X directly depends on two things: my need to achieve X, and the belief that X is possible.

If I need X, I will do/practice/learn/move towards it. If I don’t need X, I will postpone it after the things that do I need. What I think I need my be wrong, but that doesn’t matter.

If I don’t believe X is possible, I will not move towards it (even if I need it). What I believe may be wrong, but that doesn’t matter.

I find that if I have the need and the belief in place, everything else follows.

From the two, belief is more fundamental: with few exceptions¹, what I think I need is based on my beliefs.

¹ Physiological needs.

* * *

From this perspective, all the work is inner: adjusting my view of needs, and adjusting my beliefs.

From this perspective, I do not resent myself — or others — for not achieving X. I can have and keep my inner peace. I can invest all of myself in the things that I want to achieve.