Today it’s a different day, it’s Saturday: until afternoon I dug channels for our drainage system in the back-yard. I did my best to escape out of there around 16:00 and got to the office.

Not a lot of code done today, just little refactoring, a bit of restructuring, a bit of thinking and guessing about what should I do next. I think it’s still useful.

Bought a React video course on Frontend Masters. The reason is that I’d like to see how someone experienced with React structures the components and the app itself.

One thing that I was thinking today while rambling around the code is that it seems like CSS-related effects like :hover, :focus look a lot more natural. So far I only have a small CSS file where I have a 4 rules that are truly global. I’ve tried to get hover effect in React, and it kind of works, but it doesn’t feel natural at all, so I think these effects will be the next to go into my global CSS file.

That’s about it.