I wasn’t very productive on day 2. I have burned the first half of the day trying to write the least meaningful test and failed. I admit that I was not prepared for that: both Chrome apps and React are new to me, and it’s just too much struggle. Both are unlike anything I have worked with so far and for the sake of making at least some progress, I will first get more familiar with them.

While trying to unit test a button’s action I found myself lost in a too fancy dance around React. It felt a bit too much fuss compared another recent side project where I had raw OO JS for the logic and raw HTML.

For example, I have a Navigation decorator object that given a nav container with links, it only shows those that are appropriate given user’s authentication state. For example, it hides the logout link if the user is not authenticated. And in Navigation unit test I get the actual nav on production page¹, pass it to Navigation, and then inspect how the links changed with chai-jquery. It makes for really reliable and clear tests, and I would have liked to have both of these qualities here too.

¹ It is slower than building an in-memory mock DOM structure, but I have the assurance that I’m testing the right thing, plus I don’t have to maintain the same structure in two places.

I have added my first couple of React components, one React mixin to compensate for React Dev Tools extension not working in Chrome apps, and a date formatting util wrapping moment.js. Fiddled a bit with the layout and entry form’s CSS.

I’ll continue with the entry form.