My articles here so far are more awkward than not, and I was a bit confused about why would that be. I was wondering about that because, if I look at my emails, I generally consider them as coherent and well put together, I even take some kind of pride in that.Then how come my articles are not that good? I think I have an answer and it’s in a way similar to my theory about why public speaking is generally considered hard.When I write an email, I generally have a clear subject, and a known audience—a specific person—and I write about a specific aspect about the subject. And I believe these two knowns is what makes it relatively easy to write a clear and coherent message.On the other hand, in case of blogging this is not the case. Although I may know the subject, I don’t know the audience at all, and whether they are interested or not in the specific aspect of the subject that I’m trying to talk about.I think this is what makes it hard: if I don’t know you’re interested to hear about X, I will be reticent speaking about it, and I will probably fall sideways into other things that I guess may be more interesting to you.So my theory is that this is what makes blogging—or public speaking—hard, and from here I think it’ll be easier to find a way out. Yay!