Accepting Diversity in people as a good thing, and understanding its implications gave me a much better life.

As every other human being, I have my own chain of events and experiences that led to the person I am today, and, what’s probably more important, they led to my understanding of things. This is a pretty unsophisticated definition of diversity, and still, one that drives the point home.

Now, what “As every other human being” at the beginning of the previous paragraph meant is pretty subtle, and still profound: if I accept it, I am not bothered anymore about someone else having a different opinion on something, I’m not frustrated by someone else not understanding my opinion on this obvious thing. I understand that their understanding is formed by a multitude of factors along their experience, which was probably different than mine. So, I don’t regard them as opponents, competitors or enemies, but simply people with a different life experience. This gives me the peace of mind to respect their worldview exactly as I like mine respected.

One other interesting implication is that as many people as there are on Earth, given their innate diversity, there is little risk that too many people will want the same thing that you want, and there will be none left for you.

There is probably more to this picture, but grasping why variety is naturally good, is of those simple things that have considerable effect on how you experience life.