One thing that I found interesting in the “Apprenticeship Patterns” book is the emphasis it puts on blogging. It’s not that this surprised me, I have heard about this many times, and I think I understand its benefits, but one notable thing is that it gives ideas on what to write about, and one good reason: to use it as a tool towards a better understanding for yourself.

During last few years I have tried a few times to blog, but it never stuck for more than a few sporadic articles on things that did matter to me at each of those times. This time I want to try something different.

I usually spend my Saturdays in the office, to work on my things outside day-work, for example on my side project. I want to take some of that time to look at what happened during the week and pick of a subject to write about.

This week I want to write about Mark Trostler’s presentation on testable JS. I have shared it in my stream a couple of times during last couple of years, and I’m watching it again now: this time taking notes and trying to use those ideas in my side project.

Beside the “Clean Architecture” concept that I’m obsessing about last couple of months, this week I have also ingested two more resources on design patterns: and John Lindquist’s “PatternCraft” youtube playlist. Just in case you didn’t know, I am mostly illiterate on the mainstream OO pattern theory. I got to a moment where I see why it’s good to understand them, and I am working on fixing that.

So, to return to that presentation I’ve mentioned, now I think I understand more of it now, I like the concept, and I think this would be a good subject to write about.

I have also found some really interesting thoughts in Robert C. Martin’s “The Clean Coder” book that I’m reading now. Its subtitle is “A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers”, so it would make a good subject to write about too.

OK, this sounds like a good plan. :)