Me in review

6 weeks ago I have switched jobs. It’s a big change and it’s also good time to review other big things.

I changed from a full-stack position to a web front-end position. 6 weeks into it, it feels much better.

In the past few years I have researched a lot. I’ve looked into many a few languages and a few frameworks. I’ve read a lot on startups, entrepreneurship, and marketing. It was a good exploration, but I spread myself too thin, and I feel I’d like to focus and deepen.

I’d like to do more raw JavaScript. Review my programming. I’d like to re-read some of the good books that I have read many ears ago on Agile: I’m sure there were things I just couldn’d understand back then. And I have one or two hard-cover books that I didn’t finish.

I think I want to blog more often. For the past few months I wrote one article per week. It works: I can keep the cadence, but it feels like it’s too little to grow; and I think I’d like to grow a bit in that direction.

I have shortened my blog feed and podcast list. It feels a bit like losing speed, but I’m willing to give it some time and see what happens.