My intentful writing

I have recently shared a link to the one of the recent episodes of “Late Nights with Trav and Los” podcast: “Why You Should Be A Publisher.” I’m mentioning this because I find writing is a very interesting subject in how it affects how I understand things, and how I see and understand myself.

Trav and Los talk about the benefits of writing and how they think it should be done. They set pretty high standards and this intimidated me at first, but then I realized something.

I can tell that the way I write here now is far from what they set as a goal, but I also know that I have consciously started this way, and I have made peace with it. Even as unpolished and as unstructured as it is now, I already see its effects and this is enough to keep me going forward, one little step at a time.

There is certainly a lot of brilliant, very clear, very focused, and well-rounded writing. But I think that having beginner- and intermediate-level writing like this here is useful too because it serves as middle steps on a ladder: without them it’d be too intimidating for someone to begin. And I want to be an example of someone who starts small and humble and seek to improve.