My own hackathon: day 11

It looks like I’ve caught a cold during my travel. Happy Friday. :-

Today, after setting Google Analytics, I tried to find a working setting to write automated tests.

I’m looking for something that would:

  • Exercise the code in a manner as production-like as possible — the less mocking the better.
  • Run packaged as a chrome extension — although in theory it should be very little difference compared to running in the browser, I want to be able to run tests on “the real thing.”
  • Be lightweight — I know this is a buzz-word, but still I want it: I want it to be quick, and being small and lightweight is one good way to get to quick.
  • Be robust — allow me to do sync and async tests without too much fuss.

For now tape is the one that I’ve picked. But I’m still to find a good way to test this kind of code.

I’m not thrilled to go with React’s Jest, because I want tests to be reliable and do as little magic as possible. Ideally I want to poke at DOM myself and see it doing what I expect it to.