My own hackathon: day 7/14

Monday. In the morning I have watched the React video course on FrontendMasters, by Ryan Florence. Pretty good. I can’t say I found a ton of new things but it’s good to get confirmation that what I know are about the right things, and also give the whole thing a bit of structure in my mind. Fundamental things are well explained. There was a nice quick intro to Flux, which clarified by vague view on it.

Today I restructured the markup around form fields a bit, added property validations, and then looked into how to work with form data: how to populate the form initially, when creating a new entry, and how to collect the data in preparation to save. The form is a dynamic hierarchy of components that can be there or not depending on fields previously filled. I’m not yet clear on how to do that: how to pass the data when opening an existing entry, and then gather it back. I have to step away and give it some thought.