Why I Still Dont Have A Blog

Hello world! Again.

I’m reading an article on the blog of Alex from 8thlight and liked the blog design so much that I wanted to have my own like that.

But that’s not the only reason I’ve created this blog. I also think I know the benefits of writing a blog: when you try to write you usually get to understand the subject better than before writing about it.

So why still don’t have a blog?

One reason why it’s hard for me to do that is that I’m scared to be exposed and proved wrong. Another is that I tend to change my mind along the time, and I feel ashamed. But hey, doesn’t that mean I’m learning things?

Another reason it that I think I have a pretty non-conventional point of view at many things, and if I expose them, I might get counter-arguments, which I’m not comfortable fighting. But then I understand it’s natural for people to have different points of view on things.

Then there are times, weeks, maybe months when I don’t feel like blogging, and then blog feels like a failure. OK, so what? The point of writing is not to have a necessarily flowing stream of articles, is it? I mean that’s awesome to be able to do that, but is that really the point? I think that the point is to do it more than never. And although I’ve read a bunch of techniques to make yourself write daily, to do something that you don’t feel inspired to do is painful, and I don’t think that’s worth the effort.

One other reason I can think of now is that I have subjects that vary wildly: kids and education, purpose of life, software development, human relationships, and sometimes a combination of them. Is that OK to have all of them on one blog? I mean those that like my philosophy would probably get bored by my technical articles, and vice versa, wouldn’t they? I still don’t know what to do about that.